What can CR Kompass be used for?

CR Kompass is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises to plan and implement corporate responsibility initiatives and programs, and to produce CR reports.


For whom is CR Kompass intended?

CR Kompass is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its function set is tailored specifically to the needs of SMEs. Larger organizations’ needs are better served by more complex software solutions.


 Where can I find training on corporate responsibility?

The tutorial in the CR Kompass portal is designed for users who currently have little experience with corporate responsibility. The training offers an initial guide on how to implement corporate responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises using CR Kompass.



How can I use CR Kompass to prepare a UN Global Compact progress report?

A UN Global Compact progress report is a report that companies participating in the Global Compact produce to account for their progress toward implementing the Ten Principles. The Global Compact has set certain requirements that every progress report should meet.

CR Kompass offers various filter functions that enable you to select the types of information and key performance indicators relevant for your company and to keep the number of elements to a minimum. It also provides two filters to help in the creation of progress reports:

1) The Global Compact minimum requirements filter, which strictly limits selection options, and

2) The Global Compact recommendations filter, which permits additional information and key performance indicators for more detailed reporting on the Ten Principles.


If you prepare a report based on information and key performance indicators selected using the filters, the report will satisfy and even exceed the UN Global Compact’s minimum requirements.


How much does CR Kompass cost?

CR Kompass can be used free of charge or as a paid premium version for 950€/year. For details see "What does CR-Kompass offer".