Large companies employ entire CR departments – in the SME sector, solutions should be pragmatic and focus on implementation.

Not all CR topics are equally relevant for every company. For many SMEs, it is neither practical nor valuable to deal with all issues in detail or carry out measures on every subject. Therefore, they should set priorities and focus on the essentials. 

A CR strategy shows the way toward clearly defined CR targets. The selection of the topics should be based on a materiality matrix and match the core business of the company. In addition, a CR strategy should define the company's claim as well as responsibilities within the company.

CR-Kompass offers the opportunity to create a materiality matrix with your individual topics. Topics are arranged according to their importance for the benefit of the company and the stakeholders. Imporant topics become evident and form a starting point not just for strategic planning, but for reporting as well. 

When deciding whether a topic is essential, both internal and external factors should be taken into account, for example

  • The value chain of the company
  • Opportunities and risks arising from the value chain for people, the environment or society
  • Interests of stakeholders
  • Internationally recognized standards such as the Ten Principles of the Global Compact